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Hong Kong and Macao hotel strong foreign star hotel reservation accounted for more than seven

Date: 2019-05-29

Recently, the domestic hotel reservation for B2B platform of shenzhen jetour holiday released the "2019" 51 "hotel market report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report").Report, according to data from outside the hotel reservation, outbound destinations in southeast Asia countries such as Hong Kong and Macao and new matei hotel bookings growth is most obvious, among them, the most popular in southeast Asia hotel bookings year-on-year growth of 80% last year, southeast Asia hotel prices during the festival concentrated in the range of 900-1000 yuan/night.Some tourists also choose in 5-7 nights hotel reservation, it shows a lot of outbound tourists choose spelling May Day holiday travel.

Hong Kong and macau travel, in the triple positive: the opening of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and high-speed opening of Hong Kong, and mainland residents to Hong Kong and Macao pass to deal with more convenient, under the influence of positive factors such as the mainland tourists to Hong Kong and Macao peaking.According to the report, Hong Kong and Macao hotel reservation in advance 15 days has begun to enter a state of blowout, especially on May 2, 3, Hong Kong and Macao island hotel almost full, the room is hard to find.Hong Kong and Macao hotel prices mostly in 1000-1500 yuan/night.

Overseas procurement requirements of the hotel, report data show that more than 70% is star international hotel chain or brand.