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Marriott home stay facility strategy: pay attention to the guest loyalty rather than operating profit

Date: 2019-06-15

Marriott enters the non-standard accommodation market is not in order to obtain immediate financial gains, but the move is a key strategy, can maintain the size of the customer base and guest loyalty.Considering the last hacking, lead to the influence of the residents data leak, marriott also need a lot of time to regain its guests trust.

In April this year, marriott and TurnKey Vacation Rentals cooperation launch Homes&Villas home stay facility services in the United States, brought greater competition for reality.Marriott will be the first to provide Turnkey 36 market housing in the United States, and the home stay facility service system as the same with the marriott hotel.

Marriott CFO Kathleen Kelly Oberg said its new Homes&Villas web site the money and the expected profit is not important for marriott's financial performance.

Kelly Ober said: "from the point of financial impact, the home stay facility service investment and profitability is small, so we hope can gradually make in respect of the two grades.But in the near future, I do not pay attention to the profitability of the business of home stay facility."

But it also is not to say that the marriott as a third-party OTA and provide the property manager stock new service department is not an important part of the enterprise strategy.

Last Tuesday, Kelly Oberg in 2019, Goldman's accommodation, Gaming, restaurants and Leisure exchange (Goldman Sachs Lodging, Gaming, Restaurant and Leisure Conference 2019) on said: "I think it has full experience, can provide customers with necessary and retain our customers, and it is also one of marriott began operating Homes&Villas power."

An extension of the reservation strategies directly

In fact, although property manager will handle reservations and Homes&Villas for guests to provide help, but the platform is still considered an extension of the marriott reservation strategy directly, because the vacation rental customers can reserve, obtain and exchange integral marriott brigade at home, which is one of marriott retain customers.

Marriott brigade at home (Bonvoy) loyalty program launched in January this year, replacing the last integration of marriott rewards, the ritz-carlton rewards and SPG club, with the national collegiate athletic association (NCAA), the formula one world championship, Mercedes AMG horse oil team (Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport) legends such as brand cooperation, provide more exclusive experience for members.

Journey through Homes&Villas, enjoy family member per 文章 can get 5 points, which can then be in a ratio of 143 to the dollar in cash.

Kelly Ober said: "we believe that when a consumer is not in our hotel and get a lot of points, can will choose Homes&Villas service added to their choice is very important.Can clearly see that from our last year's experience, we have done (b&b) proof-of-concept project won the trip to enjoy family member's consistent high praise, and they think it is a very good way to use integral.Home stay facility service is usually a meaningful long-term occupancy and recreational purpose, our plan is to provide such an opportunity, also will consolidate our loyalty programs again."

In other words, if the marriott can retain customers in the Homes&Villas, why will let they lost to the reality or Vrbo, suggesting that still has a lot of View in the search results of a home stay facility Hotels link.

In terms of OTA

Kelly Oberg admitted that consumers will be in the company and booking home stay facility, but she still hope they already know marriott reservation for direct benefits, with the reservation in the marriott website to obtain a lower price and integral brigade at home.

Marriott, she says, are without the OTA will be able to use the data to better predict when the hotel can be filled, so we can raise revenue.

Kelly Oberg said, in some cases, marriott will say: do you know?We will be closed on Monday night on OTA booking window, the occupancy rate is saturated, and in this case, the OTA will need to make concessions, for marriott reserves a large number of inventory directly."

OTA often talk about how they continue to improve the use of data to provide more business information, so look, marriott and other hotel seems to gain more experience from the same operation.